Alexandru Pusa

Managing Partner

Founder of the company AAA, business lawyer, an expert in insolvency. Charismatic and full of energy, he is the engine of the team AAA. Fluent in Italian, English and German.

Sorina Pusa

Tax Advisor, Partner

Sorina is the founder of the company AAA, tax consultant, judicial tax and accounting expert, providing expert tax advice in major multinational companies. Fluent in Italian and English. Motto: A consultant should never be boring!

Adriana Balaj

Chartered Accountant, Tax Advisor

Adriana is the head of the accounting division of the AAA. She is a charismatic leader with more than 30 years of experience in accounting and taxation. Fluent in English, Italian and French.

Gabriela Sauca

Senior Lawyer

Gabriela is a business lawyer specializing in mergers, acquisitions,corporate law and international litigation. Gabriela joined our team in 2005. Fluent in English and Italian.

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Alexandra Topor

Senior Lawyer

Alexandra is a senior lawyer, specialized in Business Law and Family Law. Alexandra is fluent in english and italian.

Laura Anca

Senior Tax Advisor

Laura specializes in taxation within the intra- Community and provides advice to multinational companies. Laura is part of the ‘AAA team since 2007 Fluent in English and Italian.

Emanuel Comsa

Legal Advisor, Mediator

Manuel is the mediator and legal advisor, specializing in alternative dispute resolution. Manuel joined the AAA team in 2002. Fluent in English.

Simona Hilote

Senior Tax Advisor

Simona is a tax advisor and accountant.She has a lot of experience in payroll, taxation and fiscal declatarions related to payroll. Previously she was a CFO of a group of construction companies. Fluent in English.

Alexa Narcisa


Alexa is a lawyer specialized in Business Law, Intelectual Proprerty, Litigation and Contracts. Alexa is fluent in English and Italian.

Bogdan Olcean

Senior Lawyer

Bogdan is a senior lawyer, specialized in business law, civil law, contracts and litigation. Bogdan is fluent in english, italian and romanian.

Iuliana Popescu


Iuliana is a lawyer specialized in Business Law and Criminal Law. Iuliana joined our team in 2015. Iuliana is fluent in english.

Ramona Maftei

Senior Lawyer

Ramona is a lawyer specializing in commercial litigation, consultant in company bankruptcy and also in family law. Ramona is a fluent in English and Italian.

Ivoniciu Paul

Senior Accounting Expert - Senior Property Valuator

Paul is an expert property valuator. Before joining the AAA team in 2003 he was a university professor at ISE. Paul is fluent in English.

Flavia Oprisor

Business Consultant

Flavia is a business consultant with excellent international experience. Right before joining our team, she has worked at the Romanian Embassy in Italy for the past 10 years. She is fluent in Italian, English and Romanian.

Ramona Delcea

Accounting Expert

Ramona is an accounting expert with a vast experience, specializing in fiscal statements. Ramona joined our team in 2007. She is fluent in Italian and English.

Ion Frenteanu

Senior Accountant

Ion Frenteanu is senior certified accountant, the “dean of age” of the team, with more than 40 years of experience. He has been a part of AAA since 2005.

Adina Petre

Senior Accountant

Adina is a certified accountant with over 25 years of experience. She joined our team in 2006 and was previously the financial manager of a manufacturing company. Adina is fluent in English and Italian.

Pusa Ana Maria

Senior Lawyer

Ana Maria is a lawyer with over 10 years of experience, specializing in criminal law, family law, contracts and litigation. Ana Maria is fluent in English.

Dana Craciun

Senior Accountant

Dana is a senior accountant. Before joining our team in 2008 she was a chief accountant in a manufacturing company. She is fluent in English and Italian.

Diana Pioras

Seniour Accountant

Diana is a senior accountant with over 25 years of experience. Diana joined our team in 2007. She is fluent in English.
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