Looking for a lawyer specialised in Real Estate transactions In Timisoara, Timis, Romania ? English speaking lawyers and attornes in Timisoara . Due- diligence on real-estate home and apprtmets.

Due to our long-time experience on the real estate market in Romania, the lawyers of  Alexandru Andreas & Associates Law Firm are always ready to meet its clients’ requests as professionally as possible.

Our lawyers deliver complete legal services of consultancy, due diligence, negotiation assistance and agreement wording in the Real Estate Field:

  • Agreement wording:
  • we negotiate construction enterprise / sub-enterprise agreements, and purchase agreements;
  • we draw-up construction enterprise / sub-enterprise agreements, and purchase agreements;
  • we supervise that the requirements set forth in the enterprise agreement are met;
  • we solve the disputes brought about by the breaching of the agreements;
  • Assistance during negotiations:
  • We offer assistance during the negotiation of contractual clauses, in order to reduce the risk exposure;
  • We eliminate the less efficient and the abusive contractual clauses;
  • Complete due diligence services:
  • We verify the ownership documents and the validity of the title-deeds;
  • We verify the existence of any possible claims or litigations related to the land;
  • We solve any possible litigious situations;
  • We verify the legal conditions required in order to build on the land purchased: town planning certificate, Zoning Laws, etc.
  • Obtaining building permits:
  • We obtain the documentation on the conditions required for building on the land purchased: planning certificate, Zoning Laws, etc.
  • We obtain building permits;
  • We execute the registration in the construction cadastre (Real Estate Register);
  • We obtain the documentation needed for the partition, division of a building and we enter these operations in the Real Estate Register.
  • Complete and complex analyses of the status of the buildings and the real estate investments, in cooperation with other specialists – in the fiscal, technical, cadastral field:
  • authorizations and permits or other approvals in the civil or industrial construction field;
  • obtaining and guaranteeing bank loans for real estate investments;
  • environmental compliance.