The Alexandru Andreas & Asociatii  Law Firm offers you a complex range of services for the non-profit organizations trying to obtain their legal personality (associations or foundations).

Starting up associations or foundations and registering them in the Register of Association and Foundations

  • Obtaining the name reservation from the Ministry of Justice;
  • Wording and certifying the Articles of Incorporation of the association, foundation;
  • Wording and certifying the Memorandum of the association, foundation;
  • Wording the resolution of the association’s, foundation’s constitutive meeting;
  • Submitting and delivering the documentation in order for the company to obtain its legal personality;
  • Representing our clients in front of competent authorities and courthouses;

Modification or completion of the initial clauses set forth in the Articles of incorporation and in the Memorandum of the association, foundation:

  • Opening / closing subsidiaries;
  • Appointing / dismissing presidents, vice-presidents, the board of directors, the commission of censors;
  • Modification of the head office;
  • Modification of the company name;
  • Dissolving the association, foundation;

Permanent consultancy services regarding the legal activity of the association, foundation

Complete accounting and tax consultancy services, offered in association with the Accounting expertise group, ANDREAS & ASOCIATII.