Legal services – assistance and consultancy during bankruptcy insolvency and liquidation: Lawyers specialized in bankruptcy & liquidation in Timisoara , consulting for insolvency procedure . Attorneys and lawyers for insolvency and bancrupcy in Timisoara, Timis, Romania

  • Legal services – assistance and consultancy during bankruptcy / liquidation:
  • we assist the trade companies going through insolvency, bankruptcy and we offer them the best solutions for minimizing their costs;
  • we assist the creditors of the bankrupt company with recovering their debts;
  • we assist the administrator / associate of the bankrupt company to avoid being held personally responsible for the company;
  • legal assistance with the dissolution and liquidation of trade companies;
  • assistance with transferring the goods in the account of commercial debts of the insolvent company;
  • assistance with selling the goods during the enforcement of a judgement;
  • Legal services – representation:
  • client assistance and representation during creditors’ meetings, during the procedures carried out by the trustee in bankruptcy /liquidator;
  • representing the clients during negotiations related to payment commitment and arrangement;
  • assistance with restructuring and negotiating various aspects related to commercial debits;
  • solving appeals against debts;
  • assistance and representation of the debtors’ interests in their relations with the creditors, trustee in bankruptcy / liquidator and the bankruptcy judge during the entire procedure;
  • representation in the relations with any possible buyers of goods or properties of the companies going through difficult financial situations.