aCCOUNTING SERVICES IN tIMISOARA . Certified public accountants in Timisoara. Taxation services In Timisoara . English speaking accontant in Timisoara, Timis, Romania. Payroll services in Timisoara .

In cooperation with the “ANDREAS & ASOCIATII” Accounting Expertise Company – member of the Timisoara Chamber of Certified Accountants of Romania (CECCAR), also a member of the Chamber of Tax Advisors of Romania, we offer you the following services:Tax consultancy services:

  • tax consultancy services for companies based in Romania, when it comes to choosing the tax regime that best fits each business (tax on income / tax on profit);
  • tax consultancy services for companies based in Romania when it comes to choosing the best fitting VAT regime according to the internal, inter-community and outer-community activity, in compliance with the Fiscal Code.
  • tax consultancy services for foreign companies, when opening subsidiaries, branches, permanent head offices or agencies in Romania.
  • tax consultancy services for foreign companies when appointing a tax representative for their activities carried out in Romania;
  • Tax consultancy with:
    • value added tax
    • tax on income
    • tax on profit
    • local taxes and duties
    • tax on non-resident income
    • dividends
    • withholding tax
    • reinvested profit
    • increases or decreases of share capital
    • avoiding double taxation

Complete personnel and payroll  services:

  • wording individual labour agreements,
  • wording additional documents to the individual labour agreements,
  • wording terminations of the individual labour agreements,
  • wording Job Descriptions,
  • wording Internal regulations,
  • wording collective labour agreements;

Assistance with authority controls:

  • legal assistance with controls carried out on VAT (value added tax) refunding;
  • legal assistance with authority controls, wording legal opinions and objections to the control official reports;
  • accounting expertise services (expert witnesses), as part of legal accounting expertises.

Consultancy services related to the administrative and tax court:

  • legal consultancy, tax and financial consultancy when dealing with the territorial Financial Administration and the Fraud Squad.

Wording actions in the administrative court:

  • wording appeals against the contravention ( fine ) official reports;
  • wording appeals against taxation decisions;
  • wording complaints against official reports or tax inspection reports containing fines, outstanding debts, increases, penalties, recalculations, excises, VAT, withholding or non-withholding taxes;
  • wording appeals against the documents issued by the local public administration or by the tax control bodies;

Client representation:

  • representation of Romanian or foreign legal persons in administrative and tax litigations;
  • representation during administrative or legal appeals against control documents related to taxes and duties.