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Team of 21 professionals – lawyers and certified accountants

The law firm and accounting expertise Alexandru, Andreas si Asociatii is a team of professionals, built up of lawyers, certified accountants and affiliated tax consultants. We have founded over 17 years ago with the goal to provide the highest quality of legal and tax services to the most interesting, sophisticated and demanding business clients. That founding vision remained intact. A measure of our success is our client portfolio which includes many of the most successful multinational or local companies.

We are present in the Romanian business market for over 17 years, since 1998 and we have an extensive experience, doubled by a thorough professional training. Our experts have together more than 350 years of experience. We give all for the clients, 150% commitment, and they always return to us. The reliability, the professionalism and the first-class service have enabled us to maintain long term relationships with our clients. We have several subscriptions which last continuously for 10-15 years, and this speaks for itself.

Our pragmatic approach is focused on getting results for our clients. We have built a reputation by telling the client what he needs to know, not what he wants to hear!

As a company we appreciate talent, involvement, creativity and team spirit.

Alexandru, Andreas si Asociatii was formed by founding the Accounting and Tax Certification Division – „Andreas si Asociatii”, by ALEXANDRU Catalin Pusa si Asociatii Law Firm, adding to experience, the resources and reputation of lawyers – skills and excellent knowledge of certified accountants and tax consultants. Thus, we came to meet our clients’ requirements, offering high quality services by the best lawyers, certified accountants and tax consultants, gathered in the best team of professionals.

Our team of lawyers and accountants with high specialization functions as a whole, and offers you first class legal services as well as financial accounting services and complete tax services, including accounting expertise, planning and tax optimization, financial analysis, assistance during inspection by Romanian authorities. You need a good lawyer, a skillful accountant or a tax consultant? Surely you will find it by us.

Well connected to international networks

Over the years, our work has allowed us to establish close relationships with prestigious law firms and accounting companies in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, England, Spain, France, Cyprus, the United States of America or Canada. The continuous cooperation with our foreign partners brought us a know-how that enables us to provide high quality services to our business clients. All our business lawyers and experts speak at least one international language, and our services are frequently offered in English, Italian, French or German.

85_finalWe know how to win !

In every trial someone wins and someone loses. We approach every case as if it were our only trial. Each trial is carefully prepared using innovative methods of preparation of the case, including simulation of the entire trial. Using multidisciplinary teams of experienced attorneys we obtain excellent results in litigation. When representing plaintiffs in lawsuits we won over 85% of cases. Not only that we know how to win, but we have the talent and determination needed to win.

Our advantages

Multiple specialisations – lawyers, certified accountants and tax consultants – give us a major advantage over the competition. Whether you need a lawyer, a certified accountant, a tax consultant or a complex team made ??up of many lawyers, certified accountants and tax consultants, we are the solution to your problems. Many clients call us “their legal department.”

We are large enough – we have experts and resources to respond quickly and efficiently to our clients demands, no matter how complex or complicated they may be. For large projects we can quickly add around the table 10 to 15 or 20 professionals. It is always more efficient to hire one multi-professional team than to hire 2 or 3 different companies for the same project.

We highly value the privacy, data and our offices security. We use the latest technology to protect the electronic data – data encryption with 2048-bit keys – encryption 10 times stronger than the usual encryption used by banks for internet banking with 128- bit keys.

Our emails benefit of safety digital signatures that allow the client to verify the authenticity and integrity of the message – if an email comes truly from his lawyers or was intercepted / changed during the route. Emails can also be encrypted by request.

We have our own servers in the office, not in the cloud, with our exclusive access to them.

Office entrances are protected by modern alarm systems, biometric sensors including facial surface analysis by 3D laser scanning and fingerprint readers. We take security seriously.

Covered areas

Over the years, the team of lawyers and certified accountants of “Alexandru Catalin Pusa and Asociates” Law Firm has developed and our services cover today the following cities: Timisoara, Arad, Deva, Resita, Oradea. We can represent clients throughout Romania, either directly or through our network of collaborating lawyers from large cities.

For further details about each of the professional lawyers, certified accountants or tax consultants who collaborate to provide you the best juridical, legal, tax and accounting services, please visit our team web page.

Would you like to know more about us? Ask us. We are a friendly company. Please feel free to call, write, email or visit us.

When you need results

  • Profesionals in the team
  • Years old firm
  • Value of cases last yearMIL. EUR
  • Clients from 35 countries

We are proud members of:

*National Association of Romanian Bars (UNBR – Lawyers Association)
* Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (CECCAR)
* Romanian Chamber of Tax Consultants (CCF)
* National Union of Insolvency Practitioners of Romania (UNPIR).

* International Fiscal Association (IFA)
* Romanian Confindustry
* Timis Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (CCIAT)